Target using the [owa] Element

You can target by using a CSS element called [owa] (Outlook Web Access), which is part of

How does it work? prefixes all styles with their own. This means by placing the [owa] element before each class or id within your CSS, these will only be affected in, all other webmail services, and email clients will ignore them.

To give it a go, simply place the following CSS within the of your email.


  <style type="text/css">
    [owa] .htmlemailcheck {
      color: #26d0ae;

Now you can place the following span tag where you want the contents to be shown in, that’s it!


  <span class="htmlemailcheck">
    This span will only be visible in


  • Andrés says:

    Hi, Could it be possible that can no longer be accessed targeting with this hack?

    • David Bedenknecht says:

      Hi Andrés,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I can confirm that this hack is still working in

      Following the above example, you should notice that the text within the span is turned green in wherein all other webmail services and email clients the color does not change.

      Kind Regards,


  • Derris says:

    Try the below code.


    this span will only be visible in

    • Christopher says:

      Thank you! The [owa] didn’t work for me, but this method works perfectly.

  • Steve says:

    Any way we can use this to target dark mode?

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