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HTML Validation
Validation of the HTML structure.
CSS Validation
Checking of inline CSS, classes and ids.
Image Validation
Checking image sources, sizes and values.
Link Validation
Validation of working links and URL's.
Mobile Check
Validating mobile experience.
Accessibility Check
Validating accessibility for assistive technology.
Email Preview
Email previewing for desktop, tablet and mobile.
Send Emails
Send up to 10 test emails to your inbox at a time.
Download Reports
Export validation reports as PDF files.
Developer Checklist
Covering important aspects your email should include.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which payment method can I use?
    We use PayPal for all payments, which can process your purchase through an attached Credit Card or Bank Account. If you do not own a PayPal account payment can also be made using Credit Card without registration through PayPal.
  • Does my subscription auto-renew?
    Yes, you will be charged at the end of each term until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel or change your subscription plan at any time. If you cancel your subscription, it will expire at the end of the current term.
  • How can I end my subscription?
    You can end a subscription plan at any time through your account, by clicking on the "PRO Subscription" link and then "End Subscription" on the subscription you wish to end. You can also end recurring payments via your PayPal account.
  • Are there any cancellation fees?
    No, there are no fees to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription plan at any time.
  • Do you offer any pay-as-you-go subscriptions?
    At present we don't. All our subscription plans are billed on a recurring basis without a contract or cancellation fee, you can cancel or renew your subscription at any time, as needed.
  • How many users come with each plan?
    There are no user limitations or IP restrictions for any plan and are able to use the same login simultaneously.
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