David Bedenknecht Hey there, thanks for stopping by and visiting HTML Email Check!
My name is David Bedenknecht, I am a website designer and developer based in Hamburg, Germany.

Based on my experience of over 5 years in email marketing, from creating concepts to designing and programming, I know how frustrating it can be coding and testing HTML emails for the various email clients and webmail services, for both desktop and mobile devices.

I noticed that there aren't many tools for developers to validate their emails HTML with. Programming being my passion, I came up with the idea to create a validation tool based on the knowledge and experience I have gained in this field, in the hopes to help other developers like myself in creating solid HTML emails.

The validation process and recommendations which HTML Email Check uses, include solutions which I have learned while working for agencies and clients in this field, in addition, using recommendations from leading email marketing services and experts such as Litmus, Campaign Monitor, and Email On Acid (Not affiliated or endorsed by these agencies).

At present (August 2016) HTML Email Check is in an open beta phase where I see it being for awhile, based on the functions I still wish to implement and optimize. If you like the idea and want to support this project by giving feedback on the current open beta, please feel free to get in touch! :)

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