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HTML Validation

HTML Validation Never send another broken or invalid coded HTML email. The HTML check will validate your HTML code and reports back on any critical elements or potential improvements found.

CSS Validation

CSS Validation The CSS check ensures that your email is well styled and contains no CSS errors or potential critical elements which can break your email.

Image Validation

Image Validation Broken or non-displaying images can mean the end of a good email campaign, instantly raising question marks with your readers and losing their interest as the needed information is not being providedand even unsubscribing from your mailing list.

The image check validates each image (.gif, .jpg. .png), verifying that it is reachable and contains all required attributes and styling to display correctly across all popular email clients and webmail services.

Mobile Validation

Mobile Validation Having a responsive email is a must to reach as many readers as possible. The mobile check ensures that all required elements and attributes are set and and reports back on any critical elements or potential improvements found.

Accessbility Validation

Accessbility Validation Create emails that everyone can receive and unterstand, regardless of any disabilities or assistive devices they may be using.

Email Preview

Email Preview With the email preview feature, you can see in real-time directly in your browser how your email can look on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

In addition, if your email contains errors and isn't being displayed correctly, you can activate the "Grid View" feature which will show you the <table> and <div> structure of the email to help you identify possible display errors.

Send Emails

Send Emails Code validation and email previewing is very important, but the development process is complete without sending a test to see how this will look in Gmail on your mobile device or Outlook 2003 on your computer.

You can send your email to up to 10 email addresses at a time after each one has been verified to receive test emails.

Download Reports

Download Reports Generate and download reports for use in quality assessment, customer analyses or development notes.

Developer Checklist

Developer Checklist The developer checklist gives you an overview that your emails code contains all the important and required elements, as well as that all the necessary steps when setting up and sending the final version have been completed.

Supported Email Clients and Webmail Services

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