Prevent Gmail from displaying image download buttons

Gmail webmail displays an image download icon when a user moves their cursor over an unlinked image.

The simplest way to prevent Gmail from displaying this download icon is to add a link to each image contained within the email.


  <a href="#" title="HTML Email Check" target="_blank">
    <img src="" alt="HTML Email Check">


  • Dan says:

    But how do you get rid of the cursor pointer, when the anchor tag is wrapped around the image. I looked online for solutions, which I found and tried, but none work. I tried:


    I tried the solutions from this link, but still no go:

    Is there one?

    • David Bedenknecht says:

      Hello Dan,

      I’m very sorry for the delay in my reply, just returned from my holiday.

      In the current of Gmail, all cursor and pointer-events CSS styles placed within the head as well as inline are removed from an email.

      At the top of my head, I can’t think of a universal solution which wouldn’t cause problems in other email clients or webmail services, such as using the image as a background image within a div.

      Ideally, you will want all images within your email to be clickable to convert your readers to your website or a specific destination.

      Kind Regards,


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