Prevent Gmail from automatically converting phone numbers and email addresses to links

The desktop and mobile version(s) of Gmail automatically convert phone numbers and email addresses to links. In the desktop version, the phone number link opens Google’s Hangouts chat interface.

To prevent this, you can use an HTML entity in your phone numbers and email addresses that Gmail does not recognize such as ­

Example for phone numbers:



Example for email addresses:



Of course, you really want your readers or potential customers to be able to contact you as quickly and easily as possible. Therefore it’s recommended that you style your phone numbers and email addresses.

Styling example for phone numbers:


  <a href="#" style="color:#26d0ae; text-decoration:none;">123-456-7890</a>

Styling example for email addresses:


  <a href="" style="color:#26d0ae; text-decoration:none;"></a>

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